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CLP Smart Energy Connect is always eager to support innovative new solutions that help meet our collective sustainability goals. If you have a great solution, join us and we can work together to transform the energy landscape.

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We understand that energy innovations require dedication, investment and resources. We will provide your enterprise with key insights, and the support you will need.


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We have an energetic sales team that can help to bring the right solutions to benefit the right customers.

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Our team of professionals provides support in marketing, design and even trials.

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We take security very seriously, for premium developers we can help make sure your solutions go through rigorous security assessments.

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Smart Energy Connect is about collaboration. We are committed to work with you and leveraging our expertise to achieve greater sustainability goals.

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We are eager to work with developers that share our passion for sustainability, and our product focus of building a Smarter City. Our dedicated team will be in touch with you on how we can collaborate.

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We are seeking solution providers with

a sustainability and/or smart city focus
a commercially ready product
a sustainable business model
reference customers

How to join the developer community

We will work with you to understand the product and the value it can bring to customers through an evaluation process. Having previous customer references is important since that helps us to bring your product to market a lot faster. Running a trial, developing a case reference, and performing a cyber security assessment to ensure your solution is as robust as possible are all ways that we make sure the best success for you. We will also discuss with you on the options that are available for you to consider. Please contact us to find out more.

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Contact us if you have any questions, we will be in touch very soon.