Frequently Asked Questions

How do I chose the right solution?

There is no one solution that fits everyone’s needs. This is why in Smart Energy Connect we offer a portfolio of energy management solutions so there’s a solution that fits your specific needs. You can explore each product to find out more about how each of them work and how they can help you. If you need further help in deciding what are the best options for your specific needs, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist.

How does Smart Energy Connect work?

Smart Energy Connect is your one-stop shop for digital energy innovation.

As a user, you can register here to create your profile and freely browse our apps. Alternatively, you can contact us regarding any of the applications you would like to know more about, and a member of our service team will be in touch and take you through the process.

As a solution developer, you can register your company here and upload your application for our review.

What kind of solutions do you offer?

Smart Energy Connect brings together a selection of the best energy efficiency and management solutions, helping you access the smartest digital energy technologies and save money, energy, time. You can browse them here.

Who can benefit from Smart Energy Connect?

Smart Energy Connect is designed for households, businesses and utility companies to access the best energy management solutions, created by CLP and our developer community.

Does it cost anything to register to the Smart Energy Connect ?

No, registering and using the website is free. As a user, there will only be a fee once you purchase a solution.

Will I be affected by a price change, and how will I be notified?

Price changes will be governed by the customer or provider agreement you sign with us.

How do I get access to a solution as a user?

Once you register, you can press the “Request for Demo” button on a specific solution or contact us. A member of our service team will be in contact to help you with your request. If there’s a right fit for you, our team will help to design and installation the solution for you. Upon completing the purchase and installation, you will see the solution in your personal profile on the website.

I have a great product, how do I become a developer?

Please create a developer profile here, and supply us with the relevant information as listed. We will work with you on your submission and be in touch shortly.

How do I reset my username or password?

Please reset your credentials here.

I do not see my question on the FAQ list, where can I get an answer?

You can either consult our knowledge base or submit a ticket here.